Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bengel Fotografi

Assalamualaikum and good evening .

So tonight im gonna share with you guys about my experience joining Bengkel Asas Fotografi. Bengkel ni jadi istimewa buat sebab tenaga pengajarnya adalah daripada Saiful Nang Academy of Profesional (SNAP) . This event was held at UiTM Dungun , and yes i was lucky it was during Saturday , but then got a little bit of problem. The problem was the transportation , at first we( me and Nazrin ) got no transport to go to that event . But a really big thanks to Asfa and Karim for giving us a ride to UiTM Dungun just for us to join the event. Again, thanks Asfa and Karim. 

Through this event , so many new things i learned including composition , rule of third , leading line , framing and many more . Good thing for me for joining this event , i can apply all the new things when im doing part time or using DSLR .i also learned more about Aperture , Shutter Speed and ISO . Masa dulu dulu hanya la try and error , now lebih sistematik untuk mengguna DSLR tu , hehe :) . These pictures are the result . 

Thanks for your time reading this entry :)


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