Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Busy .

Assalamualaikum and good morning :)

So yeah , been busy lately with all the things . So much that i can talk about in this entry , let me give you a hint , i've completed the explorace , completed Heat and Mass Transfer test , played Killing floor with roommates and done the Petrochemical video . haha it is a hectic week . Actually nak update entry ni hari sabtu malam ahad . But then , got work la , macam-macam halangan yang datang , so yeah , hari ni baru dapat update blog . 

For the explorace , tak expect pun nak dapat habiskan satu route yang panjang dan luas tu. First it was tiring cause i had to run to get to the checkpoint to next checkpoint , but , i took my time , i walk and jog at the same time . haha . For the second and third checkpoint it was a teamwork , and yeah , all of my team faculty need to wait for me first before proceed with the clue. Sorry guys! :p . But i cannot experience in Kayak cause there is a kinda of technical problem happened during the event . Also , i got my first experience in Dikir Barat , eventhough saya ni orang Kelantan but , i have never been Dikir Barat. The second last checkpoint is the best for me cause i got to write and speak in Japanese , well i really like Japanese , so it was easy for me even though it took me 3 times just to read fluently . The most important thing in this explorace is that , our (chemical) faculty had won the explorace and we grab the Crystal Trophy Challenge for this year! Congratulations guys! eventhough i dapat 9th place , hahaha . 
That the trophy , and that's me :)
This week , i already passed Heat&Mass Transfer test , now , waiting for OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Act) test this Thursday . And yes , i haven't study yet , but , i have done some question . So yeah , i should read cause this subject are more to reading and kinda need to memorizing . Really pray that i could answer this test with ease . Aamiin :) 

By the way , on 7th Feb , it was my anak saudara birthday , she turned 2 this year . And i was like , "cepatnye anak saudara aku ni membesar" then , i think again , "maknanya aku dah makin tua la ni?" , berkerut dahi selepas memikirkan perkara tu , hahaha . But yeah , i'm old with the age , but still immature with the perangai , bila la nak mature ni? haduhh . 
There she is , Jasmine Teehani , :)

Chinese New Year is on next week , my mom called "Ann , nak balik ke tak raya cina ni? long , cik , semua balik" and yes i replied "nak la maaaa~~ kalau tak balik yang ni , cuti sem la baru balik , tu pun lambat lagi , heee " so the conclusion in this story , saya balik! wuhuuu , haha . 

I think that's all for this entry , i will keep on update :)
Thanks for spending your time reading 


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